Social Media & Journalism: A New World of Information

The good ol’ days of traditional journalism seems a prehistoric practice for those who are in the business today. Social media has drastically changed the way we consume and provide news, blowing print journalism away with the dust. With the emergence of iPhones, iPads and wearable technology, the way journalists go about finding and reporting news has drastically changed since the days when the Sunday paper was the only way to get your weekly fix of information.

Nowadays information travels at lightning speed, reaching billions of viewers worldwide in a matter of seconds. Journalists can live tweet events, allowing their audiences to literally follow the news along with them. New technology, such as Google glass, provides a personal point-of-view perspective for video packages. Covering news has become personal, bridging the gap between the audience and the reporter.

Audiences are contributing more and more to the conversation, providing their own feedback and even reporting news on their own using blogs and other social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. As writer and columnist Dan Gillmor says within his book, We the Media, “We’re seeing the rise of the heavy-duty blogger, web site creator, mailing list owner, or SMS gadfly—the medium is less important than the intent and talent—who is becoming a key source of news for others, including professional journalists. In some cases, these people are becoming professional journalists themselves and are finding ways to make a business of their avocation”.

The line between media corporation and average citizen has blurred, creating new sources of information for journalists worldwide. No longer will journalists have to struggle to find resources; information is just around the corner!


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