Month: March 2016

Independent Media Creates Important Political Dialogues

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In 2003, one of America’s favorite catchphrases was George W. Bush’s favorite sayings: weapons of mass destructions.

The speculation was, of course, that Saddam Hussein’s supposed connections with Al Qaeda had these weapons of mass destruction ready to strike at any minute. However, as America made its way into the Iraq war, a more concerning idea would be that mainstream American media went along with everything the government put out without the least bit of scrutiny.

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Freedom of Speech–At What Cost?

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In 1929, American journalist George Seldes published “You Can’t Print That,” an exposé of media censorship and government control over the press. In it, Seldes published a 1918 interview with Paul von Hindenburg, the German field marshal during World War I.

The information Hindenburg revealed during the interview could have seriously changed the course of history: Seldes claimed that Hindenburg’s information ”would have destroyed the main planks of the platform on which Hitler rose to power.”

However, military censors stopped Hindenburg’s information from ever being published, which is something that Seldes fought strongly against during his career as a journalist.

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Free Love Still Comes At A Price

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In the late 19th century, feminists were raising their voices against the many injustices that women endured. Along with the right to vote, these activists spoke out against one of the most sacred vows of the time: marriage.

One of the most impactful forms of activism of the time came through the power of the written word. Newsletters, pamphlets, essays…these ladies spread the word in whichever way they could.

Historically, independent media was founded on the basis of social, political and economic reform. The idea is simple: if there is a problem, independent outlets would go against the grain of mainstream media in order to call out the injustices perpetuated by the government.

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